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About Curali

Embrace Your Silhouette

Our slogan

Our body is our temple. Combined with our essence, it defines who and what we are. Wear something that defines you without having to speak! We will prove to you that there is no “right body” to wear a jumpsuit.
All you need is attitude and the right piece to give you that extra boost of self confidence we all love and need!

First Collection

"Your Silhouette, Our Rules!"

Our pieces are specifically designed to be functional and bring out your best side, making them your best allies in finding the best version of yourself every day, at every level of your life.

Why? Because we will make you lose the fear of assuming your silhouette and love it regardless of its features!
Because all your curves, or lack thereof, make your body UNIQUE and only YOURS!

IDENTITY, ELEGANCE, COMFORT, QUALITY, and VERSATILITY are the watchwords of our brand, and you will feel that they are very present in this first collection.


About Us

Who are we?

Catarina and Paulo – a young couple, both sports professionals, passionate about fashion, with great ambitions and a lot of will to make the difference!

How does the brand came up?

The idea and decision to move forward with this project comes during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Being in the fitness industry for many years, we love and follow the evolution of fashion in this sector. It was then that we decided we could make a difference in the innovation of the concept – Jumpsuit.

Who do we want to wear?

Especially for the Portuguese woman’s body…but not only! For all confident and fearless women who have personality!
We created something that protects your insecurities, and at the same time brings out the best in you! From the inside out.

The origin of the designation.

The name comes within the context where the decision to move forward with the brand takes place: at home confined as a family.
‘CURALI’ results from the combination of our names with those of our “4-legged daughters”.
Because CURALI is synonymous with acceptance, courage, irreverence, dream, passion – all this, in every piece we create.

What do we want?

We came to break barriers and make the Jumpsuit piece be assumed as a Second Skin.
It’s comfortable, stylish, functional, extremely versatile and practical!
So why not wear it in different contexts and take it far beyond the gym?
Besides all this, it’s a one-piece item, which makes it easy to choose your outfit!


Manufacturing and Technology

We create 100% original pieces, designed by us and our team!
In addition, we only work with Seamless Technology to bring you the best quality, comfort and versatility as possible in a unique item!


Mesh Strength and Quality


It has no extra seams and embraces the body like no other.

Elasticity vs Compression

We are able to manipulate these parameters in order to create a slimming and compressive effect in the right areas, highlighting the key points of the silhouette.

Versatile and Breathable

There are thousands of options in terms of shapes, colors, structures, and designs that we can explore, making the piece as functional as possible for training on the one hand, and as casual as possible on the other.


The looms are designed with great energy efficiency. In addition, the fact that the garment already leaves the machine in one piece greatly reduces textile waste.



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